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Neil Cybart, an independent Apple analyst at Above Avalon, writes in a recent note that the tablet market is in even worse shape.The iPad and tablet have been on the decline for years and things continue to worsen with the overall tablet market hitting negative territory for the first time, he wrote. All momentum has been lost.But that doesn’t mean the tablet market will be wiped out all of a sudden. Skylake won't be available on laptops until later this year, and it takes a long time to revive a market as big as the PC business. Plus, Apple is rumored to be coming out with an even bigger iPad later this year.Reviving the PC business takes a lot more than just having a better processor, Mark Hung at Gartner said. With Skylake's launch, coupled with Windows 10, there's some hope in the industry that it can, it not revive, slow down the decline of PC sales.IDC's Shane Rau added that other macroeconomic issues needed to be addressed to help boost PC sales. In any case, the turnaround will not happen in the short-term, he stressed.

I think this could be part of the long-term pushback of the PC market on the tablet market, and these new features will have a positive effect [on the PC market], he said. But they're going to play out over time, and not just stimulate the market at any one moment like this holiday season.Consumer Reports recently pulled its recommended rating for the Tesla Model S sedan, citing reliability issues that surfaced when owners were surveyed.That didn't change the fact CR also said the Model S P85D, an all-wheel-drive performance version of the electric four-door, broke its scale, earning 103 out of 100 points.Owners might have issues with their Teslas, but these cars still tend to impress everyone who gets behind the wheel. At Business Insider, we've driven all the cars that Tesla has produced, from the Roadster to the Model X SUV. They've all been terrific.Tesla doesn't really have problems with its cars — not major ones, anyway. And in any case, if something does go wrong, Tesla will fix it. Because Tesla is a young company by auto-industry standards, and working with new technologies, it wants to fix its cars, so that it can learn how to build them better.

Tesla sells the only all-electric vehicles on the market than can deliver range that rivals gas-powered cars. But getting enough charge in the battery of a Model S to deliver 270 miles is no easy matter, especially if an owner is taking a long trip. For that, high-speed charging is imperative, unless you're in the mood to wait 12 hours for that great big Tesla battery to rejuice.Tesla has always known this, and that's why the company developed its Supercharger network. For all practical purposes, Tesla owners can now drive their cars free from range anxiety in the US, given how extensive the Supercharger network now is.At the moment, there are nearly 3,000 individual Superchargers worldwide and over 500 Supercharger stations with more to come. One of these things can return an 8o% charge to a Tesla battery in under one hour.Awesome, to be sure, but think about that for a second. Tesla ownership, while tenable, doesn't really function optimally without the Superchargers. Fast charging is a must, unless you want to drive 250 miles and then park your EV overnight while it slowly recharges at a non-Supercharger charger.

So Tesla isn't just in the electric-car business; it's also in the electric-car-charging business.It's as if General Motors, in additional to building cars, were operating gas station nationwide. Which it isn't.According to The Motley Fool, it doesn't cost Tesla very much to operate a Supercharger station. But it does cost Tesla a decent chunk of change to build one. And if the carmaker reaches its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles annually by 2020, it's going to need to build a lot more Supercharger stations.This is a problem when you consider that it would be great for Tesla is somebody, anybody else would get into the fast-charging game in an aggressive way. But right now, there simply aren't enough EVs on the road to make it worth the expense.Tesla doesn't want to make use of the traditional franchise-dealer system that has ruled car sales for a century. Rather, Tesla wants to sell cars directly to consumers. In several US states, the company has been able to convince legislators either to allow it to do this or create exceptions to the existing dealer-franchise laws.

To facilitate these transactions, Tesla wants to establish a network of stores, where prospective customers can check out vehicles, take test drives, order cars, and get service. Think Apple Store. Tesla owns the retail experience.But as auto-industry veteran Bob Lutz recently pointed out in a Road & Track column, Nobody has ever been successful with company stores, though plenty of manufacturers have tried them. Lutz labels this a distribution problem and argues that the immense cost of running a dealer network is one of the reasons why traditional automakers see some benefit in offloading that responsibility to ... dealers! That's just not good enough for Tesla, and it makes sense. Traditional dealerships can be good businesses for one very key reason: service. Oldfangled cars need relatively routine service, everything from oil changes to more ambitious tune-ups and repairs. Teslas, while not free of maintenance concerns (as Consumer Reports surveyed owners would be quick to note), as far less maintenance intensive than their gas-burning cousins. A Tesla is essentially an electric motor (or two), four tires, four sets of brakes, a chassis, and some electronics. It is a simple machine.

There isn't much for Tesla to gain on the service side. There is plenty for Tesla to gain on the experience side, however. Ensuring that a customer can be properly introduced to Tesla's world makes all the difference. That's why Tesla wants to do direct sales. If a customer checks out a car, he or she is likely to buy one (or at least order one for delivery when Tesla can build it).Here's why: They add, in effect, two more businesses to Tesla's plate. It hard enough to build a revolutionary automobile. But Tesla also wants to provide the fueling system and the control the retail environment. And while it's true that traditional automakers often support their dealer networks with financing and incentives, what Tesla is trying really is much closer to what Apple does with its stores.Lutz is unsparing in his assessment of why this is a terrible way for Tesla to operate:[T]he fixed costs for an Apple store are next to nothing compared with a car dealership's. Smartphones and laptops don't need anything beyond a mall storefront and a staff of kids. A car dealership is very different. It sits on multiple acres. You need a big building with service bays, chargers, and a trained sales force, plus all the necessary finance and accounting people. It ties up a staggering amount of capital, especially when you factor in inventory. Under a traditional franchise arrangement, the factory never has to carry that burden.

Airlines are fitting Wi-Fi, power outlets, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) video-streaming systems into more and more of their planes, and we'll soon expect rather than hope to connect to the internet or use our devices to stream entertainment as we hurtle 30,000 feet in the air at 600 mph.Until every flight has Wi-Fi, however, these terrestrial search tips will help you find out which flights have the amenities you want.Two sites in particular can help you find out what kind of amenities are featured in pretty much every flight in the world.Routehappy is particularly useful for telling you what kind of onboard entertainment you can expect on a flight. For example, you can see which flights specifically have paid or free live TV, on-demand video, personal-device video streaming, or all/none of the above.flight entertainment availability info routehappy Details of the in-flight entertainment appear when you click on the Entertainment icon in Routehappy. Business Insider/Antonio Villas-BoasLike some travel sites, Routehappy also shows you which flights have Wi-Fi. But Routehappy goes a little bit further by showing you the quality of Wi-Fi on a particular flight.This flight apparently has the best, fastest Wi-Fi. But it doesn't have any power outlets. Business Insider/Antonio Villas-Boas

You can also find out whether flights have power outlets to charge your devices if your mile-high web surfing drains your device's battery. Many airlines reserve the outlets for premium or first-class passengers, however, and Routehappy will not tell you whether the outlets are also available in economy class.SeatGuru gives you simpler information about a flight's amenities than Routehappy, but it shows you exactly which seats have the power outlets.In a flight's details section, you will see a link with the aircraft model that will fly the route, as shown in the screenshot below. Click it to open a seating map that will show you which seats have power outlets.The tiny gray dot on each seat is the symbol representing power outlets. For this particular flight, power outlets are available for every seat.SeatGuru also offers a bunch of useful non-tech information, such as which seats have the most legroom and which are least favorable because of their proximity to bathrooms.

Even if you discover that the cheapest flight with the best timing doesn't have any of the amenities you're looking for and you're not willing to pay more for a flight that does, knowing ahead could still let you prepare and arrange some entertainment such as movies or TV to watch on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.I was terrified to try it. The last time I had been on a public bicycle was in Seville, Spain, where I got hit by a motorcyclist who failed to look on a turn. This time, I was climbing on an electronic bike with a motor of its own that could take me up to 20 m.p.h. hurtling through the streets of San Francisco. All I had to do was twist my right hand on the throttle. One reason people (like me) don't bike to work is safety. The other reason? Sweat. Some people don't want to arrive drenched after they've traveled across the city with a backpack stuck to their shirts.E-bikes are starting to catch on in Europe, and now a company called GenZe, based in Fremont, California, wants to popularize them here too. It makes sense in a city that has hills, money, and workers, all in abundance.GenZe's e-bike models use the same Samsung batteries as the Tesla Model S to help supplement your pedaling. The battery is actually removable, so you can take it out of the bike and charge it at work with a cord about the size of your laptop charger.

The bike itself operates in two modes: pedal-assist or throttle only.I started in the pedal-assist mode because that's how most people ride a bike. On the e-bike, I immediately noticed the difference as I started through an intersection. As you start pedaling, the motor engages and you are gliding forward faster.Think of it as using a moving sidewalk in an airport compared to just walking alongside it — the moving sidewalk gets you there faster without having to increase your effort.Then there are the speeds, depending on how much assistance you want with your pedaling. The higher the number, one through five, is the level of thrust it will give.I chickened out and set it to 1 in the beginning because I wanted it to feel more like a bike. It is heavy at 45 pounds, and if you are pedaling, you can feel a bit of the difference, especially trying to get it going. I was being passed by most San Francisco bike commuters, although that could have been my inexperience on the streets.I eventually increased it to three on a few long straightaways so I could travel at higher speeds. The higher the number, the more the motor will kick in.The dashboard of the GenZe e-bike shows you things like your speed and what level of pedal-assist mode you are on. On the left handlebar is how you turn on and off the motor as well as how you adjust the mode. Business Insider

Eventually, I scaled the pedal-assist down to zero and let the bike do all of it.When you turn it into motor-only mode, you turn your right hand and it accelerates. It takes a bit of coordination to switch into right hand accelerating, left hand breaking, but I found that when I wasn't pedaling, I kind of just sat and looked around, much like when you are in the driver's seat of a car. The physical intensity (and mental distraction) of actually riding a bike was gone.This is perhaps one of its better uses: A no-workout, no-sweat mode of commuting that's not putting you in the thick of traffic or down into the subway. Of course, you can always turn on the pedal assist mode if you want to feel like you're at least biking to work, not just riding atop one.However, even if you don't ride up the hills, you could get a pretty big workout hauling a 45-pound bike upstairs into your apartment every night. With its $1,499 price tag, this isn't one you want to leave in the street or in the stairwell. If job burnout hits you, your productivity and happiness are likely already suffering. But that's not to say you can't get them back.There are some clear-cut warning signs that you may be approaching or experiencing burnout, which is a state of chronic stress that leads to exhaustion, detachment, and feelings of ineffectiveness. If you think you might be, it's time to take action.


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