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The lower the latency, the more valuable the tool, not only to understand what the brain is doing in real time, but also to be able to both modify the game and stimulate specific areas in the brain in real time, at the moment when brain-operation data is received.To be able to visually observe brain activity...

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Angetrieben werden die Moto-Neuvorstellungen von einem MediaTek-SoC mit vier Cortex-A53-Kernen. Im C steckt aber der Chipsatz MT6737M, der maximal mit einer Taktfrequenz von 1,1 Gigahertz arbeitet, im C Plus hingegen der MediaTek MT6737, dessen maximale Taktrate bei 1,3 Gigahertz liegt. Des Weiteren hat das...

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The 8MP camera and 2Mp webcam are a cut above what you'd find on most tablets too, with image quality through both components appearing fairly impressive. When I first launched the main camera, the app crashed and Windows restarted itself to install an update which was a little worrying but everything has been...

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Nach dem Desaster um explodierende Akkus des Galaxy Note 7 und anschließenden Meldungen über das mögliche Ende der Note-Reihe im vergangenen Jahr scheint Samsung nun durch die überwiegend positiv aufgenommene Vorstellung der S8-Smartphones wieder zu gewohnter Angriffslust zurückgefunden zu haben. Laut Kuos Angaben...

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Whether or not the Superbook gets out the door smoothly remains to be seen, but its approach seems simpler and more open than the others. Instead of forcing you into one ecosystem, it’s meant to work around the devices you already have. Maybe, maybe, that'll be the key to making this convergence idea work.Microsoft...

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