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Home NAS has flourished after Microsoft decided to kneecap its very useful Home Server product, an option which gave new life to an old PC or laptop. Although Redmond never attempted to market this product very hard... if it all.The candidates in the budget home NAS market are embedded Linux boxes, and are usually...

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LG hat zum Start des Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona soeben wie versprochen sein neues Flaggschiff-Smartphone LG G6 vorgestellt. Eines der Ausstattungshighlights des neue Premium-Geräts ist zweifellos das 5,7 Zoll große, nahezu randlose Display im ungewöhnlichen 18:9-Format. Mit diesem Bildschirm...

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Freddie George, retail analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, said times were good for Dixons.Following the disposals of Pixmania and their Turkish and Italian subsidiaries, the company now has dominant market positions in the UK and Scandinavia, he commented.It will also benefit from a relatively strong product pipeline...

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Aufgrund des stromsparenderen Prozessor kommt das 650 Gramm schwere Galaxy Book 10,6 Zoll ohne aktive Kühlung aus, während im 754 Gramm schweren 12 Zoll Tablet ein drehender Lüfter verbaut ist. Abgerundet wird die Ausstattung beider Geräte durch Stereolautsprecher. Ebenfalls erwähnenswert ist, dass die Tasten...

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   Toshiba Satellite P505 Battery www.all-laptopbattery.com [11/02/18 08:39AM]   
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The entry-level model also gets some extra memory too, stepping up from 4GB to 8GB while still enjoying a £100 price cut that – shock horror! – actually brings it down to £999.The 128GB solid-state drive hasn’t changed, though, so you’ll have to pay £1,199 for the 256GB model. There’s also a 2.8GHz model with...

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