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2. Pushing technology faster: IBM usually lagged behind the rest of the market when it came to refreshing their product lines. Lenovo is typically one of the first vendors to roll out new chips, new features, and different form factors.3. Competitive pricing: Under IBM, the PCs and Thinkpads were always priced...

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Runtime-Optimierungen: Mit Android O unterstützt Google neue APIs der Programmiersprache Java 8 und führt Optimierungen der Android-Runtime ein, die das OS schneller denn je machen sollen.
Benachrichtigungskanäle: Google tüftelt weiter am Benachrichtigungssystem von Android. In Android O können Benachrichtigungen...

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The duo aren't the first to demonstrate the total lack of security in the CAN bus system. At last year's DefCon convention, veteran hacker Charlie Miller showed how the CAN system was easily controlled using a laptop, and allowed modification of the car's firmware.Both cracks need physical access – at least...

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Angetrieben wird das 155 Gramm schwere G5 Plus von dem ordentlichen Mittelklasse-SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, dem 3 Gigabyte RAM und 32 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher zur Seite stehen. Letzterer kann via microSD-Kartenslot bei Bedarf um bis zu 128 Gigabyte erweitert werden. Der Akku des Smartphones ist mit 3000 mAh...

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They started writing Pink, an object-oriented OS with the Mac’s familiar UI on top and solid computing foundations beneath. Pink was soon sidetracked by Apple’s 1989 deal with IBM, one result of which was an independent OS called Taligent. This was Pink by another name but, separated from Apple, it went nowhere.In...

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