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And should the low prices of the new Haswell-based Chromebooks make them the hugely disruptive force in the market that Pichai believes they'll be, Intel may have to rebalance those 1,000 engineers, and task more of them on optimizing for Chrome OS. Although Chrome OS may very well be finding a firm foothold,...

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Die Auswüchse des Sponsorings in den Klassenzimmern offenbarten sich zuletzt deutlich: So will Swissnuclear, dass alle Schüler lernen, Atomstrom sei zweifellos die sicherste und sauberste Energie. Der Nahrungsmittelkonzern Nestlé erteilt Geschichtslektionen über Schokolade. Der Fleischfachverband hofft, dass...

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US patent number 8,763,060, filed in May 2011 and granted Tuesday along with 51 other Apple patents, describes a method of synchronizing second-screen content by means of a time-offset method, and not by means of content sent by the media player that's feeding the primary screen.That media player, the filing...

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Weiter darf aufgrund von Leaks damit gerechnet werden, dass Samsung im Note 8 je nach Modellvariante entweder ein SoC vom Typ Exynos 8895 aus eigener Produktion oder Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in dem Smartphone verbauen wird. Daneben sollen ein 3300 mAh Akku, 64 oder 128 Gigabyte Flash-Speicher sowie 6 Gigabyte...

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While it’s always good to see another very large capacity SSD enter the fray, it seems that things have gone a little awry within Kingston’s pricing department as the price tag of the V310 doesn’t quite fit its billing as a “value” drive; but more on that later.At the heart of the V310 is a Phison 3108 controller....

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